Marzy enjoyed being a guest on The Cary Allen Picture Show with Dennis Cahlo. They talk about acting, filmmaking, feminisim & dollar rice. Listen here!

"As cinema continues to be at the forefront of expression and representation in our ever deepening understanding of the nuances and touchstones of humanity's beautifully complex sexual cycles, one area that has rarely been looked at in storytelling is that of asexuality." - Ben Umstead (ScreenAnarchy)

"We do love a woman who can delve deliciously into being a femme fatale and Marzy’s adeptness is to be celebrated as should be her capability to segue different incarnations of the female form." - Haren D Young (Actress Obsession)

Dances With Films 2017 Spotlight: Marzy Hart

"Femme fatale Marzy Hart is what you are looking for, trust me." - Modern Horrors Review

Interview -

Marzy attends Chelsea Film Festival

"There’s a new serial killer in town and her name is actress Marzy Hart." - Interview

"Figuring out the distinction between a murder spree and serial killing is not something many would willingly dive into — but for Marzy Hart and Daniel Ferry, it was essential ..." - The Villager Interview

"...stars Marzy Hart as a woman who can’t quench her thirst to kill." - Fanpop Interview

"A worthy selection of both Vancouver Web Fest and Hollyweb Fest this year, and undoubtedly more to come, you’ll want to keep an eye on Slice and creators Hart and Ferry." - WebVee Guide Review

Listen to this Surfing Aliens Podcast Interview with Marzy!

WebVee Guide Podcast Interview with Marzy  Hart and Craig Coffman at Vancouver Web Fest.