JONES Happened Too!

Surprise! I wrote, produced and starred in another short film 1.5 weeks after wrapping 2 WEEKS. JONES is also based on a personal journey, this time about getting sober. What was going to be a 1 day shoot turned into 2 days of principal photography and a pick up day which we did after a few assemblies. We felt like something as missing and it was. The new footage has elevated the project to a new height and I once again got to work with an incredible cast and crew.

One of the really cool things about this project was that I've been wanting to do an improvisational film in the style of Joe Swanberg. As the writer, I left a lot of room for improv in the script and got to live my Swanberg dreams!

Choosing who you fill your sets with is one of the most rewarding aspects of filmmaking. Jones will be screening at The Filmshop showcase at Videology on August 18th. Hope to see you there!