2 Weeks Principal Photography

The 2 WEEKS team prepped so hard and so well that it was actually overwhelmingly amazing getting to set on day 1. I watched the crew buzz around doing all their jobs as I sat in the make up chair getting my look done. 

It was then that I burst into tears of joy and cried out (literally) for my partner in crime Stacey Maltin across the room. I never expected to feel so supported in sharing this personal story with the world. I cried tears of joy and tears of unworthiness. Stacey lovingly hugged me and assured me that I would be fucking awesome and I went on to have the best 3 days of my life working with this dream team.

I'm excited to say that we've wrapped principal photography and our editor Cath Gulick is working way on a first cut of the film. I've already had other asexual identifying people reach out to me about the film changing their lives and it's not even out yet. I can't wait to see how any we reach once we hit the festival circuit.