Yo! You can call me a Russian/Jewish vixen with a heart of gold but that's a mouthful so let's just go with Marzy. I first fell in love with acting in my humble abode in Stalingrad. Through acting, I felt like I was blasting through the space-time continuum and grew to love it more because of the impact that it can have on the world and the people in it. I love to take on roles that break societal norms, help expose a new point of view, and make difficult subjects approachable. My journey has led me to appear in web series, features, and short films. I'm just getting started. I find inspiration in Buffy the Vampire SlayerJessica JonesThe 100VikingsTwin PeaksBattleStar GalacticaStargate Atlantis, and Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist

When not working, I'm petting dogs, shooting bows & arrows, and belly dancing. 

Marzy Hart Craig Coffman



Dances With Films

*Humble brag alert*

Slice, the series I produced and starred in, earned me a Best Actress nomination at Brooklyn Web Fest. It was an Official Selection of Brooklyn Web Fest, NYC Web Fest, HollyWeb Fest, Vancouver Web Fest, IndieFilmmakers NY, and Katra Film Series.

Working on It, which I created/produced/acted in won Best Web Series at Los Angeles Film Awards and was an Official Selection of Brooklyn Web Fest, NYC Web Fest and IndieWorks!

The feature film, Landing Up, which I produced and acted in had it's world premiere at Dances With films and it's east coast premiere at Soho International Film Festival where it picked up a Best Feature nomination! Keep a close eye on your Itunes/Amazon Video because we'll be streaming Spring 2018.